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On May 31, 2018, at the 2018 first standing council of the wallpaper and wallpaper Professional Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association, Zhejiang Lianxiang home decoration Co., Ltd. (Lingxiu embroidered wallpaper) was elected as the executive chairman unit

in the future, we should not only do a good job in the enterprise, but also work together with peer enterprises to do a good job in the industry! The "wall" of the world is in China! Let China create and lead the world

-- Mr. buxiaohua, chairman of Lingxiu

on May 31, 2018, Zhejiang Lianxiang home decoration Co., Ltd. (Lingxiu embroidery wallpaper) was elected as the new executive chairman unit at the 2018 first standing council of the wallpaper and wallpaper Professional Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association. This is Lingxiu. After being elected as the president unit by China wallcovering Association and re elected for four years, it was once again elected as the president unit by wallpaper wallcovering Association of China Interior Decoration Association

the leaders attending the meeting are: Mr. Wan Qingtang, vice president of China Interior Decoration Association, Mr. shaoxinghua, Secretary General of the professional committee, Ms. Hu Xiaona, deputy secretary general, Mr. Bu Xiaohua, chairman of Lingxiu wallcovering, executive chairman, Mr. He Xin, general manager of sina home wallcovering channel, and the main principals of the executive director unit. The meeting was presided over by Secretary General shaoxinghua. At this meeting, the units elected as vice presidents were Huiming, Aishi, ruyushui, ruby wallcovering, wallafe and koroya

since entering the wall fabric industry in 2011, collar embroidery has stunned the industry with its exquisite and unique round of embroidered wall fabrics, and has launched various kinds of jacquard wall fabrics. The exquisite quality has been highly recognized by the market. Collar embroidery standardization stores have blossomed all over the country, and sales have increased rapidly year after year. In 2017, collar embroidery combined the excellent physical properties of seamless wallcovering and the mature and sophisticated technology of wallpaper surface to launch fine pressed wallcovering, which made the wallpaper and wallcovering industry feel happy, and pointed out a new way of integration and development for the two industries that are competitors to each other

collar embroidery is a representative enterprise in the innovative development of wallpaper and wallpaper industry. Since 2003, collar embroidery has creatively invented computer embroidery craft painting based on manual embroidery painting, which adds a subdivision industry to the decorative painting industry and makes embroidery paintings enter thousands of households. In 2011, based on the accumulated experience in the research and development of embroidery craft paintings, the embroidery wall cloth was invented, which has made obvious contributions to the inheritance and promotion of embroidery culture

in the future, Lingxiu will continue to develop and innovate, produce more new and good products, create a healthy living space for consumers, and bring more high-quality products and service choices

[collar embroidery] Zhejiang Lianxiang home decoration Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is an innovative enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. In 2011, the company successfully developed the world's first seamless embroidered wall cloth. After three years of rapid development, the company has become a leading enterprise in China's high-end wall fabric, and the company's "Lingxiu embroidered wall fabric" brand has also become a famous brand in the industry. In December, 2013, Mr. buxiaohua, the founder, chairman and general manager of the company, was elected as the chairman of China seamless wallcovering Industry Association

the company's product Lingxiu embroidered wall cloth is deeply favored by consumers for its exquisite embroidery, luxury and elegant taste. It has won the title of China's green and environmental protection product, the most brand image value award of the 15th China (Beijing) International wallpaper and cloth art exhibition, the top ten brands of wall cloth in the national household industry in 2013-2014, and passed the gb/1900 1-2008 professional quality system certification

since its establishment, the company has always taken "inheriting and carrying forward the embroidery culture" as its mission, with the vision of "leading the development of the embroidery industry, embroidering a beautiful home life, and making Lingxiu a world brand", and implemented the development strategy of extending to the integration of soft decoration, and developed new products such as high-precision jacquard wall cloth and supporting embroidered curtains, so as to provide consumers with more and better choices of soft decoration products when building a beautiful home




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