Decoration endangers the safety hazards of nearby

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Although it is already summer, the enthusiasm of Wuhan owners for decoration has increased repeatedly. Whether they have just delivered their houses or are planning to prepare, there are still many people busy with "decoration", and the situation is very good. When it comes to decoration, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network has also heard recently that the decoration has harmed other nearby residents, making people say that the potential safety hazards are really worrying. This is god horse situation? Please also follow Xiaobian's camera to see it quickly

case 1:

recently, Xiaobian heard such a news that the shop on the first floor installed signs, and nails penetrated the wall and entered the households on the second floor. What's going on? The editor learned that Mr. Li, who originally lived in Xudong, rested at home that day. Unexpectedly, a nearby shop was being renovated and had already completed the step of installing signs. But the wall penetrated by the nail directly into his home. When Mr. Li looked, the signboard was more than ten meters wide and about one meter high. A thumb thick steel bar in Mr. Li's home passed through the wall, breaking the tiles on the balcony, and the signboard formed a flat platform on the outside of the balcony. Mr. Li said that theft occurred frequently in the community. This platform made it easy for thieves to enter the house, which had great potential safety hazards. The residents upstairs were very dissatisfied with this




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