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In July, when we received the admission notice and the whole family was happy, he received a hospital diagnosis, which was eye-catching - multiple bone metastases of malignant tumors made people cry, and the doctor told him that the lung cancer tumor had metastasized to the waist and back bones. This man is the pillar of his family. He has always hoped to work hard to give his wife and son a good life. Suddenly, all his dreams collapsed

after being diagnosed with lung cancer, he once sent out, "I am a member of the building materials Association, my name is Liao Renbi, and I operate Sanshan flooring. My shop is located in Tianhua South Road. I went to Xiangya tumor hospital in July this year and was diagnosed with multiple bone metastases of malignant tumors. Now I am hospitalized for chemotherapy, which has spent all my family's savings, making it worse for my original family's financial difficulties. All my colleagues are merciful, save people in water and fire, and I will always remember kindness and repay the society!" The Xinhua Building Materials Association has given great support and received many donations from caring personnel, but facing the high treatment cost is nothing but a drop in the bucket

on August 28, Sanshan flooring launched an initiative on the Internet, hoping that all Sanshan flooring employees, dealer friends and people from all walks of life would lend a helping hand and give him hope. Sanshan flooring dealers all over the country have donated generously and offered their love to our Sanshan family, Mr. Liao Renbi. At the same time, Sanshan flooring company launched a donation campaign for the whole plant on September 7, proposing that everyone donate a day's salary to show love to Mr. Liao Renbi

at 13:30 on September 7, the fund-raising activities officially began. The two hosts explained the reasons for the fund-raising and the current situation of Mr. Liao Renbi to the employees of the company. The employees of the company were very sad

the office staff danced sign language - "grateful heart", on behalf of Mr. Liao Renbi, to thank you for your assistance and the hope you gave him in life

general manager Deng, the sales director, issued a fund-raising initiative, suggesting that everyone donate a day's salary to give our family care and give him the motivation to continue to live

Mr. Zhang, general manager of Sanshan flooring, delivered a speech, calling on everyone to do more good deeds and accumulate virtue with the culture of traditional Chinese culture, so as to get a blessing, and first donate money on behalf of the company

general manager Peng of Sanshan flooring Wenjiang franchise store, as a dealer representative, made a statement that as Liao Renbi's brother and Sanshan's family, everyone will give their love

after the end of the initiative is our fund-raising link, from the company director to the production staff, all generous. Although my money is limited, our love is infinite. We offer our modest strength to Liao Renbi - our family. We face my illness with him, and sincerely wish him a speedy recovery and return to the embrace of our big family

then president Zhang announced the list of some donation dealers, expressed sincere thanks for their dedication, and said that the donation amount of this activity would be sent to the dealers under the escort of the personnel of the head office and the manager of Sanshan flooring Hunan region, and sent care and blessings on behalf of all the staff of the company and the dealer partners

finally, president Zhang announced the smoking ban in the whole factory, which was unanimously approved by all the employees of the company. Mr. Liao Renbi's matter made all the employees of the company reflect. As the saying goes, "body is the capital of revolution". With good body, everything is possible

let's pray for Mr. Liao Renbi's early recovery

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