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Bunny tech wood - a new decorative material made of veneers of common fast-growing tree species as the main raw material and adopting the techniques of veneer color matching, lamination, molding, gluing and molding

today is Arbor Day. I believe you are not unfamiliar with this festival. On this day, there are always some units or organizations that launch afforestation activities to commemorate this festival and contribute to creating a healthy living environment

speaking of arbor day, it first originated in Nebraska in the United States in 1872. At that time, it was to solve a barren plain in Nebraska that was covered with yellow sand all the year round because of the scarcity of trees. After 16 years of efforts, the plain finally turned into a dense forest, but the arbor day was scheduled for April 22. The current Arbor Day was proposed and decided by Deng Xiaoping at the sixth session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in 1972

afforestation can purify the air to a great extent, reduce air pollution, ensure human health and so on. At a time when environmental pollution in China has been quite severe, the significance of afforestation is even more significant. Although greening is of great significance to the control of environmental pollution, the growth of trees takes a certain time. In order to protect the environment and better control environmental pollution, in addition to paying attention to greening, we also need everyone to start from me and reduce the source of pollution

1. Use technology to create a good product under limited conditions

rabbit baby technology wood - a new decorative material made of veneer of ordinary fast-growing tree species as the main raw material, and adopting the techniques of veneer color matching, lamination, molding, gluing and molding. It takes the section texture and color of the wood of natural precious tree species as the reference object, and simulates it into a natural precious tree species. Therefore, it is still wood in essence, retaining the natural properties of natural wood such as temperature regulation, humidity regulation, heat insulation and insulation, and avoiding the natural defects of natural wood such as knots, wormholes, color difference, decay and so on in the processing process. The modified treatment effectively solves the problem that natural wood is easy to crack and deform. It can be said that "it originates from nature and is better than nature"

Bunny technology wood is the replacement of natural precious tree species with economically planted forest wood. Therefore, it is an effective protection of natural rare resources and an active practitioner of sustainable development strategy

2. Build fast-growing forest farms and build a benign ecosystem

in recent years, social economy has developed rapidly, but at the cost of destroying the environment and ecological balance. Afforestation can not only afforest and beautify our homes, but also expand mountain forest resources, prevent soil erosion, protect farmland, regulate the climate, and promote economic development. It is a grand project for the benefit of contemporary and future generations. Bunny takes promoting the green process of the industry as its own responsibility, adheres to the route of sustainable development, and has completed more than 230000 mu of fast-growing industrial raw material forest base. At the same time, the company has laid out the global industrial chain of large forest resources and formed a raw material supply base with Gabon, Cameroon, Mozambique in Africa, Brazil and North America in South America as the core

3. The advantages of resource sharing complement each other, and Shun core board came into being.

considering that the overall quality of China's forest resources is not high, but the home decoration industry cannot be separated from wood, bunny reached a cooperation with Canadian norbord company after careful consideration and many field visits. Norbord has partners all over the world with excellent advantages and production capacity. At the same time, relying on Alberta's wood, policy support and financial support, as well as the leading technology of Alberta's R & D team, Bunny has played an important role in the domestic home decoration market with its outstanding deep processing ability, market cutting-edge information and huge sales network

nowadays, rabbit baby Shun core board is deeply recognized by consumers because of its environmental protection and stability, and has a good reputation

today is Arbor Day. Baby rabbit calls on everyone, whether individuals or enterprises, to achieve sound development through scientific and reasonable means on the premise of not damaging the natural environment

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