Shanxi Yangcheng home furnishing alliance activity

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On March 15, in this warm spring season and the peak decoration season of the new year, the activity of Shanxi Yangcheng home building materials alliance kicked off. This activity gathered many building materials brands such as home furnishings, kitchen appliances, sanitary ware, flooring, etc., and opened a one-stop home shopping experience that was truly preferential to local consumers. As the winner of "China's top ten brands of kitchen appliances" and "a full range of kitchen appliances manufacturing enterprises", Cohen appliances has been loved and recognized by local consumers for its fashionable appearance, diverse product functions and high-quality products; It successfully improved the popularity and share of the market. In this event, the signing reached a new high, and the good performance of signing 40 orders ended perfectly

at the event site, consumers poured in, bustling. A number of Cohen's top products are displayed in an orderly manner. Its fashionable and atmospheric appearance, diverse product functions and other kitchen electrical products with various advantages have attracted many consumers and Exhibition customers to consult and understand, and the crowd has gathered. At the event site, the friendly interaction between the staff of Cohen appliance and customers set off the hot atmosphere at the scene. The real machine demonstration of cooking, stir frying pepper, smoking and other experiments in the customer experience area pushed the atmosphere to a climax. There was no choking smell at the scene, which confirmed the strong smoking magic of Cohen appliance as high as 99.95%

what is more worth mentioning is that surprise activities such as "paying attention to brand purchase discounts, grabbing red envelopes, giving good gifts, and placing orders to smash golden eggs" at the event site have made more consumers show their goodwill and determination to purchase Cohen appliances, and they are eager to place orders, which fully reflects the local brand effect and market influence of Cohen appliances! Cohen appliances, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances in China and the manufacturer of all kinds of kitchen appliances, always takes image upgrading as the goal of the new stage, takes exquisite quality as the essential pursuit, and takes enthusiasm and thoughtfulness as the service purpose, just to create a big brand with positive innovation, quality as the king and deep charm! By the end of the event, the popularity of Cohen electric appliances exhibition area remained high, customers had consulted and understood, the staff explained patiently and carefully, and the sales were gratifying, making it the champion of the event





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