How to apply for decoration loan of ICBC

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The decoration loan of ICBC is a RMB loan issued by ICBC to the borrower for home consumption purposes such as decoration and decoration of housing, purchase of housing decoration materials, durable consumer goods and other large consumer goods. How to apply for the decoration loan of ICBC

if you want to apply for a decoration loan from ICBC, there are many requirements:

1 Natural person with full civil capacity, and aged between 18 (inclusive) -65 (inclusive)

2. It has legal and valid identity certificate, marriage status certificate, fixed residence in the place where the lender is located, and registered residence certificate (or valid residence certificate) in the place where the lender is located

3. The customer and the loan score assessed in the retail internal rating system of ICBC comply with relevant regulations

4. Have a good credit record and willingness to repay, and have no bad loan record in our bank and other financial institutions

5. Have a stable source of income and the ability to repay the loan principal and interest in full on time

6. Be able to provide legal, effective, reliable and sufficient guarantee recognized by ICBC, or have the conditions of personal credit loan

7. There are clear, legal and compliant loan purposes

8. Open a personal settlement account with ICBC

9. Other conditions stipulated by ICBC

on the premise of meeting the above conditions, you can start to prepare the necessary materials for applying for the decoration loan of ICBC:

1 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China personal home consumption loan application form

2. The original and copies of the borrower's valid identity document, registered residence certificate (household register or other valid residence certificate), marriage status certificate (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, unmarried statement, etc.)

3. Proof of personal repayment ability, such as personal tax certificate, salary certificate, investment income certificate, rental income certificate, financial assets Certificate in our bank or other banks in recent 6 months, etc

4. Proof of loan purpose. Including housing decoration contract, commodity purchase and sales contract, consumption deposit receipt and other use certificates

5. If mortgage guarantee is adopted, the certificate of mortgage ownership shall be provided

6. If the pledge guarantee is adopted, a valid pledge certificate conforming to the provisions of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China on personal pledge loans shall be provided

7. If credit or natural person guarantee is adopted, relevant information of the borrower or guarantor in line with the provisions of the bank shall be provided

8. If composite guarantee and partial guarantee are adopted, relevant materials shall be provided together according to the requirements of different loan methods

9. Other documents or materials required by the loan handling bank

the editor thinks that as long as you can meet all the above conditions, provide complete application materials, and handle the decoration loan of ICBC, the next step is to go through the process. The process is nothing more than this: submit an application - submit application materials - accept by the bank, review - sign a loan contract - Loan - repayment. Here, I want to remind you that you must repay on time




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