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Explain that nearly 30% of boxed wine in China

European market is packed in boxes. Please analyze the possibility of the Chinese market


I think it's OK. The price is affordable. The key is that the quality of the wine should be good enough


this kind of packaging has great market potential because it has three advantages: 1. The price is relatively cheap; 2. Easy to carry and open for drinking; 3. Long preservation time

at present, its sales targets focus on habitual drinkers, picnic dinners and night shows


I have seen American wine in Shenzhen, but few people accept it


I have drunk an American four liter package, which is quite good. It can be put in the refrigerator. After a long time, the aroma and taste hardly change. There is a capsule inside, and there is no air convection, so the fresh-keeping effect is very good. Even for meals, a box at each table is more cost-effective than a bottle. I think that with the gradual recognition of wine, the advantages of this kind of packaging can be truly reflected and its advantages can be brought into play


having seen this kind of packaging, I feel that it is somewhat different from China's consumption concept. It seems that China's wine consumption has not been advanced and popularized to such a degree

in China, wine is still a kind of luxury consumer goods, which is very elegant and "classy". Such packaging gives people a feeling that it has fallen. Chinese people love face, so this kind of packaging in China, I personally think, is difficult to achieve the desired purpose within 50 years

Xintian once declared that wine should be drunk like coke, and the packaging is easier to carry and more economical. The result may not be forgotten

bag in box

I have been promoting this kind of packaging in China for more than half a year, and I also plan to build a factory in China, mainly based on the actions of several major wine brands


in my opinion, this kind of packaging will be popular in five years. In addition to the above advantages, even if Chinese people love face, drinking this kind of packaging is not a sign of falling prices, or even a kind of taste (proving that drinkers really like wine) and a kind of fashion. It is very common for Chinese people to wear jeans t-shirts. Why do those who have money and love face wear them

several friends have also asked me how I can buy this kind of package. Many businesses are said to have a good market for accessories and tool packs to expand the performance of the experimental machine. Xintian has also started to make this kind of large package this year. At present, there are few operators and there is a large market space. As long as we do it properly and persevere, it won't be long before it is fashionable


several friends also asked me how I could buy this kind of packaging. It is said that many businesses operating this kind of packaging have a good sales market. Xintian also started to make this kind of large packaging this year. At present, there are few people operating this kind of packaging and there is a large market space. As long as it is done properly and persevered, it will not be long before it is fashionable


this kind of packaged wine should encounter a problem: the storage and transportation temperature is very easy to change, which has an impact on the wine quality, right? How to solve it


the change of storage and transportation temperature is the same for bottled wine. Relatively speaking, this kind of boxed wine has less impact, and the thermal conductivity of plastic and paper is lower than that of glass. In addition, generally, this kind of packaging is used for some new wine of low grade, which is not affected by temperature


in this way, it is much more convenient than glass bottles. Recently, I have spent a lot of time trying to send a few boxes of wine. Logistics companies are not allowed to fly when they see glass


this kind of packaged wine can only be targeted at the mass consumption of low-grade wine, or it can be sold in cups in Chinese restaurants, so the guests can't see the packaging

it can definitely open the market in China. Has anyone seen the packaging of Tonghua wine? It is not much like this one, but it is more like grape juice. Sub class packaging is suitable for low-cost wines to reduce costs and expand the civilian consumer market

the wine in this package is not easy to preserve for a long time, so it is best to use it in the packaging of new drinkable wine


said that he could only install low-grade, 3-liter, 30-dollar models... For mass household consumption, look at the red wine counter I took randomly at Carrefour supermarket in France.... Most of them are used to pack new wine, and the longer shelf life is the biggest advantage of this package. It can remain unchanged for 3 months after opening

random shooting by Carrefour, France


are you talking about 3 liters and 30 dollars in the United States

it seems that domestic consumption and American consumption are not at the same level

3 liters must be guaranteed for 3 months, otherwise it will be miserable if you can't finish drinking after opening so many

I didn't say that your packaging has no market, but you want to enter the high-end liquor market. It's really difficult to use this kind of packaging


what you said upstairs is also right. How much does it cost to load a very high-end wine with 3 liters and 5 liters? This kind of people who are suitable for long-term drinking can't drink high-end bars every day.

as the Banzhu 7th floor said, I think it's very right


jason! Nice to meet you at the forum. I have been engaged in wine business for more than ten years. I feel that paper bagged wine has many advantages, but consumers need it. 3. Adopting electro-hydraulic servo control technology requires a cognitive process from sensibility to rationality. I think there will be a large market in China in three to five years. I am now engaged in the development and production of bags. I hope we can discuss and cooperate more. My name is Tao. Thank you for your topic


as far as I know, there are not many bags in boxes, and most of them reflect good sales

liuse Ningfeng

whether the boxed wine can sell well in China depends on how the manufacturer positions and plans to promote it

moreover, there is a great difference between Chinese and Western cultures. Chinese people should be much slower to accept new things than the West. It will take a long time for boxed wine to occupy a place in the wine market

I feel that the boxed wine reduces a lot of pendulum torque, which is accurate to the connotation of the wine itself


boxed wine is just a change in packaging, and the flavor reduces the connotation of wine. Boxed wine has its advantages. It will not be used for some traditional high-end brand wines

in fact, Chinese people accept new things faster than foreigners. Chinese people like to coax and catch up with fashion


according to the usual proportion abroad, bag in box packaging accounts for about 10% of the total wine output. Then, how many will there be in China? For packaging products, there is still a lack of sufficient profit for wine. This is a promising good product, but it needs foundation

in addition, there are three different types of "three types" in China? HRA: the hardness is obtained by 60kg load and diamond cone press. This kind of packaging is mainly used in:

1, house wine

2 in restaurants, regular drinking in private families, and gatherings. The proportion of wine consumption in China is not enough. It's definitely not appropriate to give gifts. In restaurants, few people order a single glass of wine

according to an agent who makes bags in boxes, they sell better at night in some areas, because they are more cost-effective than bottled bottles, and it is convenient to go home after drinking

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