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On September 1, with the engineering and technical personnel, they boarded the commanding height of China's "Oriental Crown" for the first time. The core area of the Expo Park has a panoramic view: under the blue sky in autumn, the Expo Performance Center, which looks like a flying saucer, is quietly parked by the Pujiang River; The "Sunshine Valley" on the Expo Axis running from east to west is like a huge flower blooming brilliantly; The top of the Expo Theme Pavilion, which is hidden in the lush green shade, shows a blue color, which reflects the color of the sky and is particularly eye-catching

pointing to the top of the theme pavilion, Mr. ZhaoGuoJing, senior engineer and deputy general manager of Shanghai Shenneng New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., who was standing next to him, said: "the blue part on the roof is our company's solar modules, with a paved area of 26000 square meters. After completion, the total installed capacity of the theme pavilion's solar photovoltaic power station will be 2825kwp, which will become the largest integrated solar photovoltaic building power station in Asia."

ZhaoGuoJing told that in addition to the construction of the solar photovoltaic power station of the theme pavilion, he and his team were also responsible for the solar photovoltaic power station project of the China National Pavilion. According to the architectural design characteristics of the National Pavilion, monocrystalline silicon solar modules were laid on a 68m high platform and a 60m viewing platform. He led him to the 68 meter high platform construction site: rows of gray and black solar modules were neatly installed outside the platform, and several workers were working in the meantime. ZhaoGuoJing said that at present, the installation of power generation equipment in the two pavilions has been basically completed, and the on-site workers are now undergoing intense commissioning. In terms of the laying area and installed capacity of solar modules, the National Pavilion is smaller than the theme pavilion

ZhaoGuoJing said that his company, Shanghai Shenneng New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., was very cautious about the above solar power generation projects, striving to achieve the lowest cost and the best efficiency. The company, together with experts from Shanghai Solar Energy Engineering Technology Research Center, conducted analysis and Research on the characteristics of the application of solar photovoltaic power generation technology in previous WorldExpo, and conducted in-depth preliminary communication with the owners and main designers of the theme pavilion and the China National Pavilion, The integrated design concept of solar photovoltaic power generation buildings was quickly recognized and positively responded by the joint design team of the Expo Bureau, the Expo Group and the China Pavilion. After determining the main equipment supplier through public bidding, Shenneng new energy quickly established a joint design team. As a clean energy, solar energy will greatly reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by replacing traditional energy. ZhaoGuoJing made an account. He said that the total installed capacity of the two pavilions was 3127kwp, with a total installed area of about 30000 square meters. After the power station is completed, it can generate about 2.84 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, which means that about 1000 tons of standard coal can be saved every year, about 2500 tons of carbon dioxide, about 84 tons of sulfur dioxide, 42 tons of nitrogen oxides and 762 tons of smoke and dust can be reduced every year. As a solar energy demonstration project, the solar power generation of the theme pavilion and the China National Pavilion will have a profound impact on Chinese and foreign visitors

ZhaoGuoJing said that in the face of such a major WorldExpo project, the construction team also encountered some technical problems in the process of construction. For example, the Western exhibition hall of the theme pavilion is a large-span roof with an area of more than 140 square meters, without columns, and the installation of fixed battery panels requires the installation of support components first, which will undoubtedly increase the load of the roof, To ensure the safety of the whole building, we must strictly control the increased load due to the installation of battery panels. Our engineers and technicians have successfully controlled the load per square meter within 20 kg. In the process of specific installation and overcoming difficulties, we have innovated many technical means, which will play an important role in the future integration of solar photovoltaic buildings in China. Through this project, the two-phase live wires in the input 380V are exchanged (i.e. changed). At the same time, the LED display screen is cleared and the preset dial switch is adjusted to the number of experiments. We have also accumulated more experience that the performance of electronic devices will be greatly weakened due to these operations, and made great technological progress. Previously, it took three months to install a solar panel with an installed capacity of 1 MW, but this time it took only two months to install nearly 3 MW. "Technological innovation has greatly accelerated the construction process. In the near future, the installation and commissioning of the project will be completed according to this situation, and power generation can be realized." ZhaoGuoJing said

the Shanghai WorldExpo solar photovoltaic building integration project undertaken by ZhaoGuoJing and his team will not only greatly promote the improvement of China's solar photovoltaic building integration technology level and project construction quality, but more importantly, during the Shanghai WorldExpo, visitors from all over the world will further understand the outstanding achievements made by mankind in the use of new energy and the realization of sustainable development through this project

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