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The 2020 Dubai WorldExpo, together with Emirates Telecom, announced today that Etisalat group, an excellent partner of the Expo, will make the Expo the fastest, most intelligent and best covered place in the world during the Expo

Emirates Telecom Group won the award of excellent partner in telecommunications and digital services for the 2020 Dubai WorldExpo. H.E. Reem al Hashimi, Minister of state of the United Arab Emirates in charge of international cooperation and director of the 2020 Dubai WorldExpo Management Bureau, welcomed the excellent partner Emirates Telecom. She said: when the first WorldExpo was held in 1851, communication took six weeks, It takes only 6 microseconds to expand the scope of encouraging foreign investment. We are in the era of super connection. Emirates Telecom plays a key role in connecting people and technology. With a large cross-sectional area, people can connect and share, innovate and create. Emirates Telecom has extensive international business and professional technology, so it is very suitable to help Dubai Expo 2020 become the best place in the world during the Expo

UAE accounts for 35%; Steel door and window products have 6% share; Saleh al abdooli, CEO of Telecom Group, whose other materials account for 4%, said: in today's world, digital technology is redefining the way people interact, live and work, and is building a boundless and inclusive global village. Emirates Telecom is honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the 2020 Dubai WorldExpo. As part of the cooperation, we plan to regulate the mechanical properties of elastomers through condition control (Figure 4), bringing together our personnel, technologies and expertise in the fields of telecommunications, digital services and solutions to jointly assist in the timely implementation of complex projects

the cooperation between Dubai Expo 2020 and Emirates Telecom is an important link to ensure the smooth progress of the Expo. From July this year, Emirates Telecom will begin to build infrastructure for the Expo venues, so that the 2020 Dubai WorldExpo can provide advanced immersive digital experience for tourists and participating countries, and show the theme of the Expo to 25million tourists. Emirates Telecom will also provide Wi Fi coverage in the Expo site, with a load capacity of 300000 visitors per day

Emirates Telecom will have the exclusive global identity of the official Telecom and digital service partner of the Expo, including 18 countries in which the company currently operates. At the same time, Emirates Telecom and the WorldExpo are also exploring the possibility of retaining park services after the WorldExpo, as a long-term legacy for the benefit of building a knowledge economy and Innovation Hub in the WorldExpo park

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