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Second hand house inspection is very critical. Safety and quality issues must be checked. The use of some items also needs attention. These issues need special attention! There are many skills in second-hand house inspection, so let's learn how to inspect second-hand houses

1. Pay attention to whether the real estate department on the property right certificate is true, and see whether the house is a public house or a private house. Because some houses are public houses purchased at standard prices, some units sign contracts with employees when selling houses to employees, and the original units have the right to repurchase such houses first. The price of such houses must be very low when buying them, but if they are repurchased at the end of their life, such houses will not belong to them

2. Whether there is private construction. Such as the occupation of roof platforms and corridors, or whether there is a small attic built in the house. Has the internal and external structure of the house been changed? How can the decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. Such as changing the balcony into a bedroom or kitchen, dividing one room into two, etc. whether the balcony is closed by the owner himself or not, which involves the problem of how to calculate the area

3. Understand the decoration status. Whether the original house has been decorated, how about the decoration level and degree, and whether it needs to be completely destroyed; Understand the internal structure diagram of the residence, including the direction of the pipeline, the location of the bearing wall, etc., so as to redecorate

precautions for second-hand house inspection:

1. Water seepage and leakage: generally known as " Five leaks and one seepage "e;, It refers to roof leakage, water tank leakage, floor leakage, water supply and drainage pipe leakage, sanitary ware leakage and wall seepage, which account for more than 70% of the total quality problems. During house inspection, special attention should be paid to: ponding in roof gutters, inverted flashing on balcony and toilet floors, and ponding on balcony after rain will cause floor leakage, and even inverted flooding of horizontal pipes will cause feces and sewage irrigation

2. House cracking: check whether there are cracks in the house. First, carefully check whether there are cracks on the ground and wall of the house. If there are cracks, see what kind of cracks it is. If there is a crack parallel to the room beam, although it is a quality problem, there is basically no danger, and the repair will not hinder the use

3. Quality of doors and windows: it is recommended to open and close the doors and windows of the house respectively for inspection. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have water seepage and corrosion, steel doors and windows have many parts falling off and damaged, and wooden doors are not flexible to open and unsealed to close. Such problems will bring unnecessary trouble to later residence

4. Municipal supporting facilities: water supply, turn on the tap and observe the water quality and pressure; Power supply: confirm the power supply capacity of the house to avoid the embarrassment of not being able to turn on the air conditioner in summer and whether the wires inside and outside the house are aging





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