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We all know that a good wardrobe can't be used for ten years, but how do you know if it's durable? Here, we briefly summarize several key points of choosing wardrobe

we all know that a good wardrobe can't be used for ten years, but how do you know if it's durable? Here, we briefly summarize several key points of choosing wardrobe:

first, look at the material selection of wardrobe. Plates are the basic guarantee of health. In order to save costs, some manufacturers will use inferior plates without test reports. Professional manufacturers choose environmentally friendly plates that meet national standards, while high-end brands use environmentally friendly plates that meet European E1 standards. Therefore, to buy a wardrobe, first of all, we need to see whether the merchant has the plate inspection report and relevant inspection certificate from the national authoritative inspection department

second, look at the veneer of the plate. First, the wardrobe board veneer on the market is divided into three categories. The low-cost wardrobe often uses surface stickers such as poly paper and gorgeous paper board, which have poor wear resistance; Good manufacturers often use melamine veneers with thick dipping paint, which have simulated lines and strong wear resistance

third, look at the side plate. The key to the vertical non deformation of the wardrobe is the load-bearing capacity of the side plate. The low-cost wardrobe side plate is not thick enough, and the load-bearing capacity is insufficient, which leads to the wardrobe easy to deform, thus affecting the opening and closing of the wardrobe door. The wardrobe of high-end brands will strictly ensure the long-term perpendicularity of the side plate. Some manufacturers adopt double-layer side plate structure to ensure the bearing capacity of side plates

IV. look at the edge banding and closing of the plate. The surrounding edge banding can effectively prevent the moisture in the air from invading the interior of the board. The non edge banding surface is easy to absorb the moisture in the air, causing the board to expand, causing the deformation of the wardrobe and affecting the service life. Then look at whether the edge and corner closing technology is professional and smooth. Generally, the closing of the wardrobe is rough and easy to scrape the clothes

v. look at the technical level: due to the limitations of machinery, equipment and technical level, the height of many brand wardrobes can only be 2.4m, and the width of door panels is generally less than 1.2m. Only high-end brands can produce wardrobes higher than 2.4m and with doors wider than 1.2m

VI. look at hardware accessories. Accessories are an important element of the sliding door of the wardrobe and an important indicator to ensure the comfort and durability of use. Good wardrobe accessories generally use famous factory accessories, such as heitishi hardware, which has passed the most authoritative EU salt spray test in Europe and the world, and has quality assurance

VII. Look at paint technology. The paint gloss of the wardrobe of general brand products is greater than 25 degrees, which is easy to reflect light, and the longer you use it, the stronger the reflection is; The wardrobe of high-end brands adopts special paint technology, and its gloss is less than 15 degrees, and it is timeless

VIII. See the thickness of the back plate. Generally, the backboard of manufacturers is thin, which is prone to moisture, mildew and deformation, making the cabinet lose its tightness. However, the backboard with a thickness of 5mm or more used by high-end brands can effectively prevent deformation and maintain its tightness

IX. check whether the configuration of the wardrobe is flexible. Is the size, height and width optional? Whether the inner cage can be configured arbitrarily, and whether there are enough choices for doors and extractors

X. look at the details. High end brand wardrobes generally pay great attention to details. When choosing wardrobes, we should pay attention to whether the height of the door from the ground is scientific, and the opening and closing will not scratch the feet; Whether the hardware has been specially treated, without sharp parts, and will not scrape clothes; The opening and closing of the door is quiet enough, and the height of the cabinet door handle is suitable for the whole family

Xi. Look at the matching and systematicness of furniture. High quality home furnishings often pay attention to the overall design, style matching, color and atmosphere coordination. High end brands will have a complete set of products such as beds, bedside tables, makeup tables, etc., which is also a factor that consumers who pay attention to details should consider




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