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People are busy every day for various reasons. Some have to work overtime often, some have to get up early and return late. At this time, home seems to be just a place to sleep at night. When you return at night, the lamp waiting for you at home removes your inner fatigue and lights up your way home. So, how to design and layout the lights at home? See how Koba is made

1. Life focus — Living room and dining room lights

in view of the fact that living families, a bright and comfortable dining environment is more important, so the restaurant is equipped with 6-head chandeliers

according to the current experience, the houses where colleagues live, including their parents, have lighting belts and other lighting decorations that exaggerate the atmosphere. But I never seem to use it very much, and I'm not even proficient in touching the switches and lights in my home. Therefore, it was decided decisively that there was only one main lamp in the living room, and other downlights and spotlights were not allowed. In view of the fact that the living room of Nuo Da is only a headlamp, it will be relatively abrupt, and the position of the light strip is reserved around the edge of the ceiling

the display cabinet of the restaurant is the highlight of the family, and the fake open kitchen is here. As we still expect the result, it is OK to get two spotlights here to attract eyeballs

2. Place to sleep &mdash& mdash; Bedroom light

reading requires a good look on a bright desk to have an atmosphere, watching TV is more comfortable on the sofa, so my understanding of the bedroom degenerates to — It's where you sleep. There are no flashy things like wall lamps, lamp strips, downlights and spotlights here. If you can, a desk lamp at the head of the bed may be the best ornament

3, just passing by &mdash& mdash; Corridor lights

after listening to the opinions of some design friends, the chandeliers in the dining room and living room are already quite dazzling. If there are chandeliers or bright lights in the corridor, it will be primary and secondary. The excessive corridor between the dining room and the living room only uses lights to render the atmosphere. Lighting is not the main thing. Because the lighting of the surrounding rooms in the inner corridor is slightly poor, lighting is needed to make up for it

4. Just be brighter &mdash& mdash; Kitchen and bathroom lights

integrated ceiling, it is estimated that there is nothing flower heads can do, that is, to be bright. Especially the kitchen console, where more items are stored

5. Pastoral style &mdash& mdash; Entrance balcony lamp

as the entrance is a combination of balcony and terrace, there is a lamp position on the balcony. The ceiling is recessed, and many neighbors adopt the way of carpentry hanging the flat roof. I plan to reserve an open terrace space to contact with nature, so the ceiling may not be suitable for bad weather. Finally, the way of small chandelier + wood plastic board ceiling is decided to have a bit of pastoral style

6. Money saving mood &mdash& mdash; Balcony light

the balcony is large, but it is a place full of sunshine during the day and full of stars at night. Therefore, the light here is redundant. It is enough for a dim small light to see the general outline clearly. Maybe this is the mood, the tone obtained in saving money, haha

there is a laundry pool in the corner of the balcony. It's not a good thing to wash clothes under this adjustment, so a light on the workbench is necessary

7. Beauty and ugliness are not important &mdash& mdash; Storage room

this is usually a closed area, so the requirement here is not to be beautiful, just bright

to sum up, the lighting layout of my home is officially released:




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