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When people hear the words Hermes orange, the image of luxury and nobility comes to mind. It's understandable that Hermes is absolutely the exclusive brand of orange. When odic doors and windows encounter Hermes orange, it shows vitality in silence and elegance in low profile

Hermes orange

that year

luxury の Hermes

as soon as you hear the words of Hermes orange,

people's minds emerge with the image of luxury and nobility

it's understandable that Hermes is absolutely the exclusive brand of orange

this is due to the shortage of materials before World War II,

and at that time, only this orange material was left in the packaging bag

so Hermes was forced to choose the packaging of orange, which was not very popular at that time

but I didn't expect to be popular,

so it has been passed down to this day,

Hermes has gradually faded away from other colors,

uses orange as its main exclusive color

Hermes is a fashion brand full of history and tradition. As the representative color of Hermes, the vitality and enthusiasm of orange add some nobility, magnificence and excitement, and become the most representative color of fashion appeal

Hermes orange symbolizes fashion and luxury, and is one of the popular colors of fashion celebrities. It is not as gorgeous as bright red, nor too frivolous as yellow. It flows with vitality and shows a kind of confidence. Its inherent high-level sense makes it shine in home design. The feeling of orange is a never-ending fashion life, and it is also a symbol of nobility in the eyes of the public

in the field of interior design, designers often use this bright orange tone to show the fashionable, active, vivid, artistic and magnificent space style. Hermes orange is unique and leads the trend in expressing character, tasting ability and creative design, which is very expressive

when odic doors and windows encounter Hermes orange

when odic doors and windows encounter Hermes orange,

it shows vitality in silence and elegance in a low profile

odic grey + HERMES orange

Hermes orange is full of vitality, which can best highlight fashion and luxury. As the favorite color of nobles and their innate temperament and aura, the odic gray series doors and windows have a beautiful plain face, and Hermes orange is the charming makeup on it. Their combination is a reconciliation between ordinary and noble, a combination of elegance and beauty, and a collision between reason and emotion

odic black + HERMES orange

the matching of Hermes orange and odic black doors and windows brings a strong visual impact. The black series of Odic doors and windows and the orange background are intertwined one by one, bold and fresh, which is unforgettable. Furniture accessories are also mostly black and orange, bright without clutter

odic white + HERMES orange

odic white doors and windows with exquisite gold trim and gorgeous lighting have laid the tone of light luxury in the room. The soft and pure white doors and windows and the furniture and decoration of Hermes orange have become the visual focus. The room has increased a little warmth and is more in line with the temperament of petty bourgeoisie

customizing safety doors and windows is odic

infiltrating Hermes orange into the home. This pleasing color is undoubtedly the most spatial appeal, and its strong visual tension matches odic doors and windows, becoming the most eye-catching place in the home. If you want to have enough personality and fashion strength in your home space, it will be a wonderful choice to match Hermes orange with odic doors and windows

the charming and energetic orange is the label of passion. The collision between odic doors and windows and Hermes orange is high-profile and publicity, gorgeous and beautiful, fearless of any color, and shows the extreme tension and sensitivity of fashion. Simple and classic, it brings a sharp visual impact while producing a strong contrast, creating a modern space full of fashion and elegance

orange is synonymous with vitality and fashion, while fashion classics are synonymous with odic doors and windows. They are all fashionable elements at the front of the trend. When the two are combined with each other and used in room design, their respective beauties will be brought into full play. When the warmth of orange is connected with the coldness and beauty of the Nordic style odic doors and windows, the low-key reveals the flamboyant temperament, and the whole space is more elegant

Hermes orange, which represents the trend and fashion, is perfectly integrated with odic doors and windows, adding a touch of warmth to autumn and winter. The encounter between the two meets people's aesthetic needs for modern life, and its flamboyant, classic and fashionable label has become an eternal luxury taste. Whether for ornament, or become the keynote color of home decoration

when odic windows and doors encounter Hermes orange,

is like the Sunrise Beach, gorgeous and dazzling,

presents an ultimate visual feast,

gives your home space irresistible charm

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