Wood door water-based paint, instant living Scott

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Wood door water-based paint - instant living Scott paint

wood door water-based paint - instant living Scott paint

I. environmental protection: in the furniture exhibition, the furniture paint displayed by paint enterprises mainly falls into three categories: PU paint, UV paint and water-based paint

at present, the concept of low-carbon environmental protection is prevalent, and the furniture industry and furniture paint industry are no exception. As an important raw and auxiliary material of furniture industry, the quality of furniture paint directly affects the low-carbon environmental protection level of furniture industry

in the domestic furniture paint market, PU paint still accounts for the main position, and PU paint is also making continuous progress in environmental protection technology, but as a solvent paint, it will gradually withdraw from the stage. Among domestic furniture paints, UV curable coatings are developing rapidly, and have a trend to surpass PU. At present, domestic UV coatings can be almost solvent-free spraying, that is, 100% solid content spraying. Although the market share of water-based paint in the domestic furniture paint market is still very low, its safety and environmental protection are the development trend of furniture paint in the future. With the continuous development of technology, the market share of water-based furniture paint will be higher and higher

II. Coating effect: in the coating booth of the Pearl River Delta series furniture exhibition, the coating effect display has become the focus of the exhibition, and the "paint bucket" is no longer the protagonist. More paint enterprises' booths display all finished furniture. It is understood that in order to show the coating effect of their products, some paint enterprises directly use the finished furniture of downstream customers to display on their own paint booths

III. coating integration: the products provided by coating enterprises are no longer limited to the coating itself. What furniture manufacturers choose coating is the effect of coating application, and the effect of coating depends not only on the quality of coating, but also on the effect of coating equipment and technology. Coating enterprises are constantly improving the quality of coating products and coating technology

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