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What is Italian luxury? Taking fashion as the form and light luxury as the God, Yilian redefines the custom home Italian light luxury aesthetics with the power of the peak! Look down, Experience the charm of Italian luxury ~

everyone is going on an unknown journey

find a lifestyle that fits the body and soul

meet but not ask

and Italian luxury

is such a realm

what is Italian luxury

that is, it does not lie in the tedious carving and the stacking of gold and silver

but in the noble temperament born from inside

make people infinitely close to the place they yearn for

is a kind of trial Beauty advocates

is also an attitude towards life

Italian light luxury exhibition hall · play with life aesthetics

July 8-11 Yilian whole house customization

debut with 2019 new products "boundless"

the exhibition hall follows Italian light luxury style space design

with simple lines and advanced gray color as the main tone

with ferrous metal materials

set display, function Aesthetic three in one

every detail presents the

humanized design concept and brand strength incisively and vividly

perfect presentation

Positano Cabinet series · decode life aesthetics

ashstone countertop

like a nebula in the vast Milky way

hot and calm, bright and dignified

pet door panel material

delicate and warm touch

the interweaving of jumping lines and surfaces of light and color

outline the graceful style of Italian light and luxury

the right integration of life and art

laundry space series · explore functional aesthetics

pure Polish gray tone

gives people With bright and clean Transparent appearance

release the elegant charm from the inside out

six functional zones

(cleaning area, clothing stacking area, ironing area, storage area, drying area, drying area)

the ultimate configuration of space

not only advocates life aesthetics

but also takes into account practical functions

integrates function and aesthetics

creates a comfortable and comfortable space atmosphere

Pandora wooden door series · interpretation of practical aesthetics

Yilian heavy launched Italian minimalist wooden door products

including Lori oak, scale brown stone

ashstone Doraca's four new colors

wooden doors adopt aluminum alloy door covers

original and simple design, simple and fashionable

neither sink in ordinary nor lose in flashiness

interpret noble and elegant life style in a low-key

explore new colors, light luxury life style

Iran love pursues excellence as always

combine Italian fashion color elements

go deep into the exploration and innovation of home color


7 new colors to meet the public with a fresh attitude


looking up at the vast Milky way from the window of the world

light and shadow transformation

delicate and gentle

low-key and gorgeous

the elegance and refinement of ashstone beauty

like a light luxury mysterious journey

Morandi powder

different from Barbie powder

is also different from the charm of rouge powder

Morandi powder interprets a gentle and warm breath

warm There is an introverted sense of sophistication in softness

like the sea of Sicily

casual and brilliant

Lori oak

life is ordinary

we look forward to unexpected surprises

also desire to return to nature

Lori oak is primitive and simple

ordinary days can also live into a poem

Maple shadow coffee

like a noble and elegant mature woman.

elegant temperament from top to bottom

calm breath and intellectual beauty Sense of interweaving

low-key light luxury adds texture to life


life is noisy and exuberant

dorakaki tells of gentle elegance

it is like a indifferent attitude to life

having yourself is also free and easy

let people understand the charm of the tranquility of years

palm shadow wood

palm shadow wood precipitates the customs of old times

have a natural aristocratic temperament

calm atmosphere

and As profound and mysterious as a century old forest

full of the charming fragrance of years

linpalm stone

it is the sand warmed by the sun on the beach

it is the branch hidden under the green leaves

embrace the natural return to nature

inlay a layer of simple and soft warmth to time

in Iran love

you can not only feel the charm of Italian light luxury

but also have tens of thousands of space design schemes.

this time, the love affair between Iran and Iran is ready

Still in shape

light luxury is God

with the power of the peak

redefine the Italian light luxury aesthetics of customized home

more wonderful information

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China (Guangzhou) International Architecture Expo

Yilian whole house customization with new products

sincerely invite you to visit


Canton Fair Exhibition Hall: 2.2-11

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