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Hongguang software Spring Festival annual meeting came to a perfect conclusion in Guangzhou Lipper Hotel on the evening of January 18, 2017. At the annual meeting, Hongguang people reviewed the achievements and efforts made in 2016; It also looks forward to the development plan of the company in the next few years

group photo of all members of Hongguang software

Dajia sign in

annual meeting site

General Manager Chen Yongguang makes annual summary

sales director Liang Jianyun makes annual summary

annual excellent Department (customer service department)

annual excellent Department (Sales Department)

annual excellent employee

annual excellent newcomer

annual personal sales million award

Hongguang software annual meeting is a happy gathering of Hongguang people.A grand ceremony of cheering together; In this lively and festive time, Hongguang people with full talents and unique skills showed their strengths and presented a wonderful literary and artistic performance for all the company and their relatives and friends


legend of Zhen Huan

I am an actor

award winning members of the annual meeting

good wine and delicious food, which are rare to drink; As the saying goes, the joy of feast is neither silk nor bamboo; In the crisscross of drinking and preparation, Hongguang people tell each other their feelings; Pushing cups and changing lamps, Hongguang people are passionate about their words and tell Honghu's ambition

Hongguang software, 2016, thank you; In 2017, the stronger we meet, the stronger we become





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