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Many owners are prone to fall into a misunderstanding when using floor heating, that is, the higher the temperature of floor heating, the better. Only in this way can we make the home warmer and the human body feel more comfortable. But in fact, is it really good to adjust the ground heating temperature too high? Will it really be higher and more comfortable? Now camel floor heating experts will answer for you

first, let's look at what is called comfort temperature. Comfort temperature refers to the equivalent temperature of an environment that meets the comfort requirements under the conditions of given human activity, clothing thermal resistance and environmental temperature. It is the most comfortable for the human body. When the heat load on the human body surface is zero, the refined uniform space temperature of air flow is calculated according to the van Gogh heat equation

according to experiments at home and abroad, the most comfortable temperature for people is 19~24 ℃ in summer and 17~22 ℃ in winter. Camel floor heating learned that the human body should always maintain a constant body temperature. When the ambient temperature exceeds the upper limit of comfortable temperature, people will feel hot. If it exceeds 37 ℃, people will feel very hot. Generally, the upper limit of temperature that people can tolerate is 52 ℃. On the contrary, when the ambient temperature is lower than the lower limit of comfortable temperature, people feel cool and cold; If it is lower than 0 ℃, you will feel cold. For people who are generally suitable for outdoor activities, the lower limit of temperature they can tolerate is about minus 34 ℃

we all know that the human body's perception of temperature is actually very sensitive. Too high indoor temperature will not only reduce the comfort of the human body, but also cause a lot of heat loss. In addition, the large indoor and outdoor temperature difference will stimulate the human body too strongly, which is easy to cause colds, fever and other symptoms. Secondly, the higher the temperature regulation, the greater the energy consumption. In addition, if it is water heating, the water supply temperature is too high, resulting in overheating of the ground heating temperature, which will also shorten the service life of the ground heating. Therefore, the temperature of ground heating is not the higher the better, but must be within a certain comfort range. For the sake of energy conservation, service life, and the health of yourself and your family, the ground heating temperature should be set reasonably

generally speaking, if the installation and use of floor heating are normal, the ground temperature should be 24~28 ℃ in the indoor area where people often move, and 18~20 ℃ in the room 1.8 meters away from the ground. Of course, this value is not absolute, because there are many factors that affect the ground heating temperature, and everyone's physical fitness is also different. The specific situation should also be analyzed

finally, camel floor heating reminds you that no matter what kind of heating equipment, you should not pursue temporary satisfaction. Set the temperature too high or too low. Only reasonable settings can ensure the most comfortable heating





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