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Now, many residential areas are finely decorated buildings, and citizens have more time and energy to decorate their homes after buying houses. It has also become a popular trend to invite professional forces to create soft clothing solutions. However, when many citizens choose to cooperate with soft decoration companies, they are prone to disputes due to their own requirements and the views of professional designers. Here, the morning post "home decoration weekly" invites people in the industry to give advice for everyone, so that citizens can smoothly realize the soft dress home

express main points of view

for designers, what they fear most is consumers with unclear views and easy to change. Owners are optimistic about a style today, but it may change the next day, which often makes designers at a loss. Ren Xin, senior designer of Montaigne design studio, said: when communicating with the designer, the owner must first clarify the style he wants, and try to hand over the rest of the details to the designer, because the implementation of soft decoration pays more attention to enforceability. Sometimes the owner thinks well, but it is very difficult to implement and wastes money. In addition to creating a perfect soft decoration scheme for the owner, the designer will also consider the possibility of operation from a professional perspective to avoid material waste and save the budget for the owner

highlight living habits

owners who seek professional soft decoration design strength often don't have much time to take care of their own rooms. On the one hand, designers should make reasonable planning according to their own experience and majors, and on the other hand, owners should also make a clear explanation of their own living habits and family characteristics. For example, their own shopping and placement habits, the composition of life circles, the characteristics of family members, etc. these factors will affect the designer's design ideas and help the designer make a perfect soft decoration scheme

avoid excessive complexity

when communicating with designers, one mistake that owners are likely to make is to buy too many decorations within the scope of budget. Or buy some furniture that is not practical. When planning the scheme, the soft decoration designer will fully consider the harmonious collocation between the indoor space and the needs of the owner. Too many decorations and furniture will not increase the beauty of the interior, but will destroy the visual balance. Therefore, on the basis of full communication with designers, owners can purchase furniture and decorations according to their actual needs to minimize excessive consumption

choose environmental protection materials

after purchasing hardbound houses or hard decoration, owners often think that they can stay after airing the house and purchasing furniture to complete soft decoration. In fact, there is also a risk of air pollution in soft decoration. There is the possibility of toxic gases in curtain printing, wallpaper adhesives, furniture painting, etc. Therefore, when choosing soft decoration, owners should reasonably arrange decorations and buy furniture according to the suggestions of designers. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the environmental protection performance of these soft decoration materials to ensure that the air quality after soft decoration meets the occupancy standard




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