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the Golden Rooster announces the good news and welcomes the spring, and drives his horse and sails forward. The two-day and one night 2017 Spring Festival tour was held as scheduled on January 11! The destination of this tour is Nankunshan National Forest Park, which is known as the "southern summer paradise" and the "oasis on the return line"

a group of 56 people picked up the road and showed a green land that had not been fully developed in turn; There are few high mountains, and many green bamboo forests; There are few commercial fairs and many households

when I came to Guanyin lake, I saw the deep green and trickling spring. It is said that a long time ago, goddess Guanyin came to Nankun mountain in admiration of her name. She saw the waterfalls, so she sat in the water and kept the mountains and streams flowing

as for the Chuanlong waterfall, it is located at the end of the Chuanlong canyon. The mountain spring comes out of a stone cave shaped like a dragon head, and flows straight down. It is spectacular. The cliff stands tall, and the three words "Chuanlong gorge" mentioned by the calligraphy master Qin calyx are also engraved on the wall

from the front of the fame to the wonder of the stone river, this section of the river is full of strange stones, and the current is fast, so the non brave have no foothold; According to legend, it is also the place where the seven fairies came down to play in the water. The clothes and dressing glasses left behind have achieved the beauty of today's strange stones

the hotel where you stay in the evening is built close to the mountain and has hot springs. After a tight day's journey, you can immerse yourself in the natural hot spring water and feel good physically and mentally. In addition, the hotel also provides many cultural and sports facilities, so that colleagues who are used to sitting in the office can enjoy their own sports universe; Tit for tat, heartily

the mountain is not high, and the water is not deep. Team tourism is a part of Hongguang's cohesion construction, and it is also an important measure to motivate employees. In fact, in 2016, Hongguang has organized three similar collective activities; The sense of collectivity has been internalized into the blood of every Hongguang person

a sense of collectivity gives courage to the former and peace of mind to the latter. It is with a sense of collectivity that Hongguang people do not abandon or give up before difficulties; Before success, Hongguang people continue to unite, not complacent, not proud. It is with the sense of collectivity that Hongguang people become a whole and move forward bravely all the way

a road without a path to success is a smooth road, and a road without a peak is not a road with nine twists and turns

Nankun mountain, a famous Lingnan mountain with an average poster of more than 600 meters and a poster of more than 1200 meters for the main peak, has opened the prelude to Hongguang software's brave climb to a new peak in 2017. In this new beginning, Hongguang people will meet a new height with the tightest attitude and firmer faith





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