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E-tengmai on-board computer comprehensively improves forklift productivity and performance

e-tengmai, a leading supplier of automatic identification equipment and solutions, recently announced the launch of the latest on-board computers cv41 and cv61, which can be integrated with any forklift. These new products are the first batch of on-board computers equipped with vocollect voice function (a system to guide forklift drivers through voice). After verification, they can provide high productivity, high accuracy and high safety, and shorten training

Earl Thompson, senior vice president of e-tengmai mobile solutions division, said: e-tengmai's latest on-board computer can meet the requirements of customers' most challenging environments and can be connected to the warehouse management system quickly, reliably and safely. Cv41 and cv61 have achieved a perfect balance in terms of readability and ease of installation, making it the broadest advanced data acquisition solution suite in the industry, and consolidating its leading position in the automation industry of warehouse and distribution center

cv41: the size is just right, and the operation of forklift operators is comprehensively improved.

cv41 on-board computer improves the operation performance of forklift operators, and achieves a perfect balance in operator availability, application performance, deployment and maintenance simplicity. The 21.4 cm (8.4 inch) led backlit display reduces visual obstruction during forklift operation, simplifies installation compared to full screen equipment, and also supports the selection of outdoor display screens with higher brightness. The touch screen and integrated keyboard can be replaced on site, and the computer provides a hybrid power supply docking system, which can shorten the maintenance downtime. C set up a complete after-sales service system. V41 uses 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 high-efficiency processor. It is the only on-board computer that can print highly complex PU materials in Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 without a major breakthrough system and supports vocollect voice. Cv41's unique device health reporting function provides detailed information to help mobile employees and it administrators monitor and prevent problems related to scanning, communication and other key device health functions before the system operation is affected. The standard configuration of cv41 also includes INTERMEC client pack host access software, which supports traditional terminal emulation and secure browser applications. The optional vocollect voice function, combined with the corresponding client and wireless headset, can improve productivity, accuracy and shorten training time

cv61: intelligent design is adopted to simplify the upgrade from the traditional on-board computer.

cv61 is a touch screen on-board computer with a larger display model. It is a popular upgraded version of cv60. Cv61 has many improvements in system reliability and performance, which can improve the operation performance of operators, and the installation, wiring, keyboard, bracket, scanner and printer can be backward compatible, which helps users save time and cost when upgrading cv60. The 30.7 cm (12.1 inch) led backlit touch screen can be easily read in dim or outdoor environments. Cv61 uses a powerful 1.8 GHz Intel Atom processor and supports Windows 7 professional or Windows XP operating systems. With IP66 protection, the computer can work in dusty environment. Its waterproof performance can withstand water pressure washing. At the same time, it provides users with pluggable solid-state disk storage, and can maintain data integrity even in harsh and high vibration environments. Similar to cv41, cv61 provides the same optional vocollect voice functions and related superior performance

in addition, cv41 and cv61 on-board computers include CANbus interface to support forklift fleet management applications

Jim Gaskell, global insite product director of Kelang equipment company, said: when combined with crown's info2018, our company independently developed several new models of link fleet management solutions, cv41 and cv61 provide operators with significantly enhanced windows interface functions, and the hardware implementation cost is low

David Krebs, vice president of mobile and wireless business of VDC research company, said: with the addition of cv41 and cv61, the solution series of e-tengmai on-board computer and distribution center has been further strengthened. These computers meet the needs of end users for overall dimensions, functions and management

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