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Tencent cloud + future Shanghai summit will connect so many industries to the smart future. On September 21, 2017, the 2017 cloud + future summit hosted by Tencent cloud was held in Shanghai. At the Shanghai summit, Tencent cloud proposed to take the cloud as the source of power and connect the future development direction of intelligence, showing the latest progress and industry solutions of Tencent cloud, and promoting the digital transformation of finance, government and enterprise, automobile, energy and other industries under the guidance of intelligence

open intelligent technology accelerates the pace of business upgrading

Tencent cloud is rapidly spreading Intelligent Cloud and artificial intelligence to various industries

in the field of smart travel, Tencent group has provided convenient and safe payment capacity for public transport systems in many cities across the country. Tencent cloud has also reached strategic cooperation with didi travel, mobike, Weilai automobile and GAC automobile, helping enterprises connect a large number of users and infiltrate smart and innovative cloud services into many industries in the travel field

in the energy industry, Tencent cloud has signed a cloud service cooperation contract with Shenneng group. Tencent cloud will help Shenneng group gradually improve infrastructure construction, expand private cloud platforms, build a secure hybrid cloud management system, and an energy data operation platform for energy production and equipment management. Relying on the big data service capability, Tencent will also assist Shenneng to realize gas consumption prediction and intelligent dispatching, complete the intelligent transformation of traditional business, and help enterprises upgrade the new business model of the industry through the thermal distribution of residential and commercial flow and the trend of personnel flow in past holidays

in the field of smart government affairs, Tencent cloud helped Xiamen build an exclusive cloud platform in backdoor City loaded to a certain load, providing comprehensive top-level security protection support, escorting the ninth BRICs leaders' meeting held in Xiamen in early September, ensuring the successful holding of the meeting, consolidating the foundation of Tencent cloud in smart government affairs solutions, and enhancing the government's confidence in the government affairs cloud

Tencent network security situational awareness system interface

in addition, at the Shanghai summit, Tencent cloud signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Mobile Communications Group Jiangsu Co., Ltd., China's leading smart city integrated software and service provider Wanda Information Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Hengbo commercial chain Co., Ltd., the maker of mobile Internet Omni channel intelligent ecological platform and o2o integration development, Carry out in-depth cooperation in smart city construction and smart retail

in the process of enterprise digital transformation, intelligence is the general trend. At present, Tencent cloud has been recognized by leading enterprises such as GAC and Shenneng that have been deeply involved in traditional industries for decades by virtue of the concept of connecting the future of intelligence and the vision of creating commercial and social values with customers. Tencent cloud has established all-round and in-depth cooperation with Tencent cloud to jointly promote cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to accelerate the process of digital transformation and win the future of digital new economy

connect the smart future with the cloud as the driving force and give innovation energy to the financial industry

at present, the cloud plays an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of traditional industries. Qiuyuepeng, vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent cloud, pointed out that the essence of industrial digital upgrading lies in processing data through science and technology to create new prices to start the electromechanical value of oil pump. In the process of industrial digital transformation, we should take the cloud as the source power and keep up with the trend of intelligence. Tencent will help the industry drive into the high-speed road of science and technology by virtue of big data and artificial intelligence that samples should not have wrinkles or excessive tension in four weeks, Accelerate the pace of industrial digital transformation

Qiu yuepeng, vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent cloud, made a speech

throughout the world, China's financial technology has already taken the lead in the world. In view of the increasingly blurred financial and technological boundaries, Qiu yuepeng proposed that Tencent Yunzhi is providing customers with safe and stable financial technology, creating value for customers through intelligent technology, helping financial institutions improve their competitive advantages and complete business upgrading

at the financial special session of the Shanghai summit, Tencent shared the exploration practice and achievements of smart financial technology in the fields of accurately finding customers, saving costs, identifying low-quality traffic and reducing marketing risks, providing unlimited possibilities for financial institutions to accelerate upgrading and transformation in the era of smart finance. Hu liming, general manager of Tencent Financial cloud, said that Tencent Financial cloud will provide financial institutions and users with compliant, safe and excellent infrastructure technology and big data intelligent technology by virtue of its ability to fully open the value of big data and artificial intelligence. It will go deep into business scenarios and join hands with financial institutions to enter a new era of intelligent connection

it is particularly worth mentioning that Tencent has released the industry's first H5 video account opening solution, which truly enables users to open H5 pages for video verification and one click account opening through the browser, greatly shortening the time of account opening. It has the potential to be widely popularized and will become the growth point of financial institutions in the era of intelligent finance

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