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After ten years of hard work, we have started a new journey -- Liaoning waterproof Association, liuzhiguo re elected president, Li Li re elected secretary general

ten years of hard work, and now we have started a new journey -- Liaoning waterproof Association, liuzhiguo re elected president, Li Li re elected secretary general, coating,

ten years of hard work, and now we have started a new journey -- Liaoning waterproof Association, Liu Zhiguo re elected president, Li Li was re elected secretary general June 19, 2019 Liaoning is one of the main production areas of waterproof materials in China. Relying on its unique resource advantages, it has written a heavy color and thick ink in the development history of new waterproof materials in China. The first volume of modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials in China was born in Panjin City of the province. In August, 2009, Liaoning building waterproofing association was established, which gathered the strength of industry development and promoted the rapid, scientific and healthy development of regional waterproofing industry. On june18,2019, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Liaoning building waterproofing Association, the general meeting of coatings was held. The meeting carefully summarized the achievements and experiences of the Second Council during its five-year term of office, and elected the leading body of the Third Council. Liuzhiguo, chairman of the board of directors of Panjin Yuwang Waterproof Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., was re elected as the chairman, and Ms. Li Li was re elected as the executive vice chairman and secretary general. In the new era and new team, Liaoning waterproof Association starts again, carries forward the past and forge ahead, unites and works hard, and is driven by innovation, writing a new journey of high-quality development of the industry

zhudongqing, Secretary General of China building waterproofing Association, qupeihua, vice president of China building waterproofing Association and President of Shenzhen waterproof industry association, quhui, director of the expert committee of the building waterproofing branch of China Building Industry Association, Wang Xu, deputy secretary general, shenchunlin, vice president of the building materials branch of China silicate society and director of the waterproof materials design and Research Institute of China building materials Suzhou non Mining Institute, executive president of China building waterproofing magazine Xujianyue, chief editor, yangjimei, President of Hebei building waterproofing Association, zhangxiuxiang, Secretary General of building waterproofing special committee of Tianjin Building Materials Industry Association, Li Yan, Secretary General of Sichuan building waterproofing Association, shiyantian, Secretary General of waterproofing special committee of Heilongjiang building materials industry association, liruiqiu, President of Heilongjiang building waterproofing Association, Gong An, President of Jilin building waterproofing Association, shaozengfeng, President of young entrepreneurs branch of China building waterproofing Association Vice President jijingjing and other industry leading experts; Chaizhiren, director of Liaoning provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau, and leaders of Liaoning Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Liaoning Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, Liaoning provincial SASAC, Shenyang Municipal Construction Commission, Panjin and Liaoyang Municipal market supervision and administration bureaus and other government departments; Nearly 300 leaders of Liaoning Building Materials Association, real estate association and other relevant associations in the province, members of Liaoning building waterproofing Association, waterproof enterprises inside and outside the province, and representatives of mainstream media in the industry attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by zhengxianming, vice chairman of the association and chairman of Liaoning Dayu waterproof technology development Co., Ltd

liuzhiguo, chairman of the association and chairman of the board of directors of Panjin Yuwang Waterproof Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. On behalf of the association, President Liu first extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders, experts and representatives attending the meeting. He pointed out that in the past five years, Liaoning waterproof industry has adjusted its industrial structure through supply side reform. Under the new situation of national environmental protection and industrial policies, it has adhered to innovation and development, improved the craftsman spirit, realized transformation and upgrading, and promoted the rapid development of regional building waterproofing. President Liu said that the waterproof industry must take product quality as the foundation of development. In the future work, the association will focus on improving the quality of the industry through a series of activities such as publicizing and implementing industrial policies, build a good market environment for fair competition in the industry, and make unremitting efforts for the transformation and healthy development of the regional waterproof industry. At the same time, Liaoning waterproofing industry also needs to rely on regional characteristics, give full play to the advantages of regional resources, promote industrial development strategy, accelerate the development of building waterproofing enterprises towards high-end, high-quality, environmental protection and branding, improve the level of industrial development and core competitiveness of enterprises, create new brilliance of Liaoning waterproofing, and make contributions to the revitalization of northeast economy

Li Li, executive vice president and Secretary General of the association, delivered the work report of the Second Council of the association entitled "forge ahead, forge ahead, innovate and drive high-quality development". The report points out that in the past five years, under the social background of the new normal of economy, Liaoning building waterproofing Association, under the leadership of the Second Council, has conscientiously performed its duties and fulfilled its responsibilities, and has carried out solid and effective work in implementing national industrial policies, promoting industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, quality improvement, industry self-discipline, technical exchange, service industry development, talent training, etc., so as to continuously optimize the industry ecology, So that regional industries have achieved rapid development. However, at the same time, there are still some problems, mainly as follows: first, the industrial concentration is low. Among the nearly 100 waterproof enterprises, only about 1/4 of them are above Designated Size, and the industrial structure of building waterproof coiled materials has not formed a centralized scale operation. The second is overcapacity, which is mainly due to the low threshold for industry entry and low-level repeated construction. Third, there is a phenomenon that licensed enterprises produce "non-standard" and "low-standard" products, unlicensed enterprises produce fake and shoddy products, and inferior quality and low price products impact the market and disrupt the market order, hindering the healthy development of the industry. Fourth, the implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection policies and new standards has brought great pressure to enterprises. Green development has become the development path that waterproof enterprises must choose. Fifth, the economic development slows down, and the downstream market demand of the waterproof industry is insufficient. Enterprises need to seek new survival paths

according to the report, these unprecedented problems should not be ignored. We should recognize the situation, master policies, define positioning, rely on innovation, and promote the healthy, orderly and effective development of the industry. To this end, the report comprehensively implements the national industrial policy, promotes the adjustment of industrial structure and the optimization of stock market; Guide large-scale enterprises to become bigger and stronger, explore the development strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises, innovate business models, implement the transformation of business modes, take the path of improving quality and efficiency, refining, specialized, new and special differentiated development, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the market; Pay close attention to the formulation of standards, give full play to the leading role of standards, and make them a leading means to eliminate production capacity and make up for weaknesses; Continue to implement the enterprise standard "leader" plan, carry out the enterprise standard "leader" evaluation, and increase the effective supply of high and middle end waterproof materials; Vigorously promote and develop green waterproof materials, promote clean production, create green products and green factories, and meet the needs of green buildings. The key work suggestions of the next Council are put forward

at the meeting, the "report on the revenue and expenditure of the 2018 annual meeting of Liaoning building waterproofing association which can reduce the workload and shorten the development cycle" and the "report on Amending the articles of association of Liaoning building waterproofing Association" were reviewed and approved; The "proposal on the chairman, vice chairman, chairman of the board of supervisors, supervisors, secretary general and Deputy Secretary General of the Third Council" was reviewed and adopted. Through voting at the general meeting, the Third Council of the association was approved. The list is as follows:

President: Liu Zhiguo

vice presidents: Li Li, zhengxianming, jinhenggang, Gao Aiqin, sunliyong, Wang Wei, Meng Xianghui, xudeyu, liuzhenping, fan Xiyang, tianzefu, zhangzengkui, Gu Chunfeng, sun Rui, sunjianwu, zhaomingliang, xujinggang, Gao Yan

Secretary General: Li Li

, Secretary General zhudongqing was invited to make a report on the development trend and discussion of building waterproofing industry, introduced the development status of building waterproofing industry, analyzed the main problems existing in the industry at present, and discussed the future development trend. Secretary General Zhu pointed out that from the perspective of the main business income and total profits of industry scale enterprises, the recent economic benefits of the industry have significantly improved; At present, there are 1226 enterprises with production licenses in China, and the industry concentration has increased year by year; There are more than 12000 enterprises with professional contracting qualification for waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation projects, and waterproof enterprises are transforming into system service providers; From the perspective of waterproof products, the product structure has been optimized, the national standard rate has increased, the qualified rate of product spot check has increased significantly, and a number of innovative products have become the mainstream of the industry; In terms of equipment level, the technical equipment level of key large enterprises has reached the international advanced level

according to Secretary General Zhu, from the product side, the main problems of the industry are that environmental protection policies bring high pressure to the survival and development of enterprises, non-standard products and backward production capacity disrupt the market, and the post license era brings new regulatory issues. Taking advantage of this feature, some enterprises have greater financial risks, low market concentration, insufficient innovation ability and serious homogenization, and the effective demand of the application side needs to be developed and the market needs to be standardized; From the service end, the building leakage rate remains high, and the degree of specialization of waterproof practitioners is low, which has become a short board for the development of the industry and the focus of the quality improvement of the whole industry chain

with regard to the future development direction and tasks of the industry, Secretary General Zhu pointed out that the industry should build a quality improvement mechanism of the whole industry chain, comprehensively eliminate backward production capacity and non-standard products, adhere to the green development and innovation strategy, strengthen product quality and safety, deepen the supply side structural reform, integration and reorganization of the industry, repair the industry ecology, improve the industry value, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry with high quality and high efficiency. It is the general direction for the future innovation and development of the industry to cultivate and build a fair competition market environment based on market regulation, with technical regulations as the program, quality improvement of the whole industry chain as the means, engineering insurance as the link, and construction system reform as the opportunity

director chaizhiren made the analysis report on the quality of building waterproof coiled materials in Liaoning Province. The report analyzes the current situation of waterproof coiled material industry in Liaoning Province: there are 107 certified manufacturers of building waterproof coiled materials in the province, mainly distributed in Liaoyang and Panjin, of which Liaoyang mainly produces polymer waterproof materials (polyethylene polypropylene fiber) and Panjin mainly produces modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials; In recent years, the total number of waterproof enterprises is decreasing, but the average output value of enterprises is increasing, and the industry concentration has increased. From the perspective of quality saving of waterproof coiled material products, the total sampling volume of polymer waterproof material products was the largest from 2014 to 2018, with 242 batches in total; The total sampling quantity of elastomer modified asphalt waterproof coiled material took the second place, reaching 176 batches; The qualified rate of 5-year spot check of waterproof coiled material products was 95%, 96%, 92.5%, 91.2% and 93.8% respectively. In particular, the report on the use of

in aerospace reveals that in 2019, the regulatory authorities will strengthen the supervision and random inspection of waterproof coiled material enterprises within their jurisdiction, and adopt such working methods as sampling separation, blind sample inspection, production and circulation mutual inspection, so as to effectively ensure the fairness and impartiality of the supervision and random inspection results; For the unqualified production enterprises and distribution units in the product quality supervision and spot check, the supervision department will strictly deal with them; Prepare the product quality improvement guidance proposal for each inspected enterprise to help the enterprise improve the product quality

director Qu Hui made a report on the theme that "the improvement of technology and management level is the guarantee for the improvement of building waterproof engineering quality". According to the report, the improvement of waterproof engineering quality should be promoted and implemented from three aspects: purifying the market environment, advocating honest management, improving management level and improving technical level. Putting an end to vicious competition at low prices and operating in good faith is the key to purifying the market and the duty of waterproof personnel. In recent years, the hardware i.e. equipment level of waterproof enterprises has been greatly improved, but the software i.e. management level has been slowly improved. Waterproof enterprise pin

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