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China's post-graduate enrollment doubled in ten years, and the employment rate was lower than that of Undergraduates in three years. China Broadcasting Beijing, July 15 (Ren Jie) according to the voice of China evening peak, some years will be particularly important for our long journey of life. For example, in that year, we got married; In that year, we became fathers or mothers for the first time; And that year, we were admitted to graduate school with honor

the enrollment of postgraduates has doubled in the past ten years.

the latest data show that this year, the planned enrollment of Postgraduates in China is 584416, of which 517200 postgraduates and 67216 doctoral students will be the fastest-growing field in the downstream of BDO, relying on the growing demand for clothing and shoe materials in China, India and Brazil. In 2003, the total number of graduate students enrolled in China was only more than 260000, which doubled in the past decade. So why do so many people rush to the "Graduate School"? And what is the future of the vast army of graduate students after graduation

Wang long, a graduate of Hunan University in 2006, returned to the campus again this summer. He has submitted his resignation letter to the original unit. Next, he will meet the "pig like" postgraduate entrance examination life

Wang Long: originally, I was in a construction company. I thought of a better design institute. However, most of the better design institutes need a graduate diploma. I want to take the civil engineering test in Tongji University

Wang Long is making great efforts to "become a graduate student". As for Xiaoyan, a sophomore at the software research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the question she is considering now is how to find a satisfactory job next summer

Xiaoyan: why do I take the postgraduate entrance examination? On the one hand, I want to be an expert. If I want to be an expert, I need further study. On the other hand, I feel that the master's competitiveness is stronger and I am more confident when looking for a job in the future

after this summer vacation, lifenghui, associate professor of broadcasting and hosting College of Communication University of China, is about to welcome another batch of graduate students

lifenghui: the number of graduate students has indeed increased in the past two years. At the beginning, it may be one every year, and then two to three every year in the past two years

according to Mr. Li, the number of graduate students in a college is basically the same as that in a school 16 years ago

lifenghui: I went to graduate school in 1996. At that time, there were only 46 graduate students in the whole school. Now there are only 46 graduate students in a college

the employment trend of graduate students is no longer clear.

in the face of the continuous flow of students, teacher lifenghui is deeply worried about the welcome

lifenghui: the employment curve of undergraduates and postgraduates is blurring in many majors, and the trend of Postgraduates' employment is not as clear as it was ten years ago. Now there may be some majors in which postgraduates cannot find jobs after graduation

Miao Youyan, vice president of the school of foreign languages of Jilin University and head of Russian discipline construction, is also worried about the whereabouts of Postgraduates:

Miao Youyan: from the perspective of market demand, employers who help enterprises solve difficulties need more applied talents who are competent for all kinds of translation work, while our postgraduate training model overemphasizes theoretical talents suitable for teaching and research, and there is a certain contradiction between supply and demand

the worries of Miao Youyan and lifenghui are not groundless. According to the data from the national employment status of college graduates, in 2005, the number of postgraduate candidates exceeded one million for the first time. Since then, until 2009, the employment rate of master students has decreased continuously. In 2009 and 2010, the employment rate of master students was even lower than that of undergraduates

in addition, we can check the statistics from the talent market in Jiangsu Province. In 2011, among college graduates, the employment rate of Postgraduates was 86.62%, that of undergraduates was 90.30%, and that of junior college students was 94.10%. The employment rate of Postgraduates was nearly 8% lower than that of junior college students. More educators worry that if the expansion of graduate students is not linked to the improvement of quality, the outcome may be disastrous

the university is not ready for the "disease" of graduate student training.

xiongbingqi, a professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University and vice president of 21st Century Education Research Institute, frankly said that in some universities, whether it is "software" or "hardware", they are not ready for a large number of graduate students

xiongbingqi: on the one hand, some schools do not have enough conditions to run the school, and the relevant management can not keep up with it. In particular, the quality can not keep up with the expansion of the scale of graduate students. Some tutors even directly lead dozens or even hundreds of graduate students. The tutorial system for graduate students is in vain

gejianping, vice president of Beijing Normal University, who has long paid attention to graduate education, made the following diagnosis about the current situation of graduate education in China -


first: poor scientific research ability:

gejianping: the scientific research ability of the University and the quality of graduate students are the most relevant indicators. Only a high level of scientific research can cultivate a high level of initial experimental ability to take graduate students

second, the chain of production, learning and research is broken:

gejianping: applied postgraduates, where is our practice platform? Where is our experimental base? The university is a university, the industry is an industry, and the research institute is a research institute. The chain we used to call industry university research has disappeared

third, there is a lack of dual qualified tutors:

gejianping: we need a group of leading talents of applied postgraduates. We only teach some textbooks, not practical ones. Many of our university teachers lack this kind of exercise

gejianping reminded that if we don't have a clear understanding of these diseases and can't come up with a good diagnosis and treatment plan, the results will be terrible

gejianping: if the quality is not well grasped, the quantity is a great disaster. This group is the most critical to the improvement of our national innovation ability. Sometimes when we say this, we forget why we cultivate graduate students. In fact, cultivating graduate students is the theme of creating an innovative country

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